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Cerritos Residents Gather Against Hate

STANDING AGAINST HATE: Cerritos Councilman Frank Yokoyama with Cerritos residents who are fed up with the hate and violence in Cerritos.


October 25, 2021


Cerritos residents and local dignitaries gathered at Don Knabe Park Tuesday evening to ‘Stand Against Violence’.

Cerritos Councilman Frank Yokoyama greeted residents who had recently expressed, on multiple occasions, that they are not happy with racism and hate in the Cerritos community.

“First, Cesar Echano was attacked this past June in a horrid racial incident, by the way his attacker has not been found yet, and then residents came to a city council meeting to speak stating that they were unhappy that ‘identified racists’ were coming to the Cerritos Library to speak on Critical Race Theory.”

At a recent ABC Unified School Board meeting, residents spoke during public comment unhappy with what they perceived as negative comments about the Hispanic culture.

“All of these things are multiple reasons why our residents are standing against racism. This evening gives them the opportunity, in a safe space, to speak about their concerns,” said Yokoyama, “together we are stronger.”

Yokoyama greeted residents, “We are here because of the escalating violence and hate that has caused our community to be disappointed and outraged at the racism that has occurred in our city.”

ABC Board Member Dr. Olga Rios agreed that the community has come under attack, “People have come out to not only support the Echano’s, but to become more outspoken about attacks on the Latino community.” She said that the District was taking measures to combat racism, as a result, students become more informed and celebrate the diversity of the community. The District has hired an Equity Officer and is researching the adoption of Ethnic Studies in all schools. “Hopefully we won’t have to wait many years for this to take place.”

Also in attendance was Artesia Mayor pro tem Melissa Ramos, and Clerk of the ABC School Board Ernie Nishii.