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Whittier Hearing Angel Foundation Offering Complimentary Hearing Aids 

Kim Ortega, Au.D, Owner of the Whittier Hearing Center, with a patient who received free hearing aids.



October 4, 2021

WHITTIER, CALIFORNIA ~ Whittier Hearing Angel Foundation – which aims to give the gift of hearing to those who cannot afford hearing aids –announced that applications are open for its latest Gift of Hearing mission event scheduled for Saturday, November 13, 2021 at the Whittier Hearing Center in Whittier, California.

The one-day community outreach event will provide accepted applicants with a set of digital hearing aids tailored to their specific hearing loss and listening needs. The hearing aid recipients will also receive a one year supply of batteries, one year supply of wax filters and up to four office visits during the first year for adjustments and cleanings.

“The gift of hearing changes lives for people young and old,” said Kim Ortega, Au.D, Owner of the Whittier Hearing Center. “Hearing aids solve communication problems by bringing families and friends closer together. Life is too short, and being with those you love is too precious, to tolerate poor hearing. Hearing aids bring people back into the world and allow them to cherish every special moment.”

The Whittier Hearing Angel Foundation was founded in 2018 by Whittier Hearing Center, the city’s oldest, largest and most reputable hearing health practice.

“Untreated hearing loss is a medical and social concern,” said Mary Ann Gilbert, President of Whittier Hearing Angel Foundation. “Hearing loss and the social isolation that often accompanies it increases the risk of dementia and decreases the overall quality of life for the hearing impaired and everyone they interact with. We encourage anyone who has untreated hearing loss and is unable to afford hearing aids to apply for our event today.”

According to the Office of Deaf Access, an estimated 3 million deaf and hard of hearing people live in California alone. The greater Los Angeles area and the surrounding counties are home for over 800,000 deaf and hard of hearing people. According to poverty statistics, approximately 14.3% of Californians lack enough resources and an estimated 2.9 million Californians do not have health insurance.

“There are so many people, children, adults, and seniors, who have hearing loss and have not gotten hearing aids due to their inability to afford care,” said Dr. Samai Chavez, Vice President of Whittier Hearing Angel Foundation. “The Whittier Hearing Angel Foundation is dedicated to helping all of our neighbors start hearing again by fitting them with the best hearing aids possible.”

Candidates can ​​apply online to get a free hearing test prior to the event and reserve their fitting time. Walk-ins will not be permitted to allow for the cleaning and sanitizing of equipment in between visits. All COVID-19 protocols will be in place during the event, including wearing face masks and social distancing.

n addition to the fittings, the California Telephone Access program and CapTel will be on-site November 13th to provide free amplified phones or captioned phones to those who need them.

‘Gift of Hearing’ mission event will take place on November 13, 2021 at the Whittier Hearing Center; applications to receive complimentary hearing aids are now open.

For more information on Whittier Hearing Angel Foundation, click here.