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Exclusive: CCFF Says ‘Cerritos College Refused to Engage in Conversations About Healthcare’


October 4, 2021

I am writing in response to Cerritos College District’s statement to HMG-CN.

CCFF sent in our proposal on healthcare and welfare benefits to the District about three months ago, in July of 2021. The District refused to engage in conversations about anything that has an economic impact, including healthcare. Knowing that Open Enrollment was around the corner, faculty needed to know what is going on with their healthcare, if they need to find new healthcare providers during this pandemic. 

With the intention to resolve the issue of asking faculty to change their healthcare plans in the midst of a pandemic, prior to Open Enrollment (September of 2021), CCFF proposed a one year memorandum of understanding (MOU) to extend full healthcare for faculty and their families for one additional calendar year to protect the health and safety of those who work tirelessly during the pandemic. 
Furthermore, hosting an informational picket does not  interfere with our students’ academic objectives, rather it teaches students about civic engagement, collective action, and taking a stance for what is right- having access to healthcare is a right! 
CCFF is interested in working with the District to find a meaningful solution to this matter, we encourage the District to sign the one year MOU before Open Enrollment, so faculty can keep their healthcare. 
Lynn Wang, Ed.D.

CCFF President