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EXCLUSIVE: State Senator Bob Archuleta Announces Re-Election Bid for the 32nd District

State Senator Bob Archuleta

STAFF REPORT • August 25, 2021

Pico Rivera, CA – State Senator Bob Archuleta has announced his bid for re-election to “continue the work of bringing vital resources to the 32nd District” and creating legislation for the benefit of not only his constituents, but all Californians.

 “It’s been an honor and privilege to represent the Thirty-Second District in the State Capitol, never taking for granted the responsibility and faith the people have bestowed upon me,” Senator Archuleta told Hews Media Group-Community News.

 Archuleta’s legislative agenda has championed diverse issues, including the environment; military personnel and their families; veterans; homelessness; public safety and more. 

Based on his record since being elected in November 2018, Archuleta has garnered the support of the majority of the elected officials serving District 32’s cities and unincorporated areas.

Elected officials from U.S Congress, L.A. County Supervisors, the California Assembly – including the Assembly Speaker, and the cities of Artesia, Cerritos, Hawaiian Gardens, Lakewood, Buena Park, Downey, Bellflower, Montebello, Norwalk, Commerce, Pico Rivera and Santa Fe Springs endorse Archuleta.

Archuleta announces a partial list of endorsements: 

Grace Flores Napolitano, Congresswoman, U.S. Representative California 32nd Congressional

Judy Chu, Congresswoman, U.S. Representative California 27th Congressional District

Anthony Rendon, Speaker of the Assembly, California 63rd Assembly District

Robert M. Hertzberg, Senate Majority Leader California 18th Senate District

Janice Hahn, Supervisor 4th District, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

Lena Gonzalez, Senator, California 33rd Senate District

Melissa Hurtado, Senator California 14th Senate District                                   

Steve Bradford, Senator, California 35th Senate District

Bill Dodd. Senator, California 3rd Senate District

Steve Glazer, Senator California 7th Senate District

Jeffrey Prang, Los Angeles County Assessor

Rene Trevino, Mayor, City of Artesia

Monica Manalo, Councilmember, City of Artesia

Ali Taj, Councilmember, City of Artesia

Tony Lima, Councilmember, City of Artesia

Conner Traut, Mayor, City of Buena Park

Art Brown, Councilmember, City of Buena Park

Elizabeth “Beth” Swift, Councilmember, City of Buena Park

Frank Aurelio Yokoyama, Councilmember, City of Cerritos

Dan Koops, Mayor, City of Bellflower

Ray Dunton, Vice Mayor, City of Bellflower

Raymond Y. Hamada, Councilmember, City of Bellflower

Sonny R. Santa Ines, Councilmember, City of Bellflower

Juan Garza, Fmr. Councilmember, City of Bellflower

Claudia M. Formenta, Mayor, City of Downey

Blanca Pacheco, Vice Mayor, City of Downey

Mario Trujillo, Councilmember, City of Downey

Kimberly-Ann Cobos-Cawthorne, Mayor, City of Montebello

Angie M. Jimenez, Councilmember, City of Montebello

Salvador Melendez, Councilmember, City of Montebello

Luis Roa, Mayor, City of Hawaiian Gardens

Victor Farfan, Councilmember, City of Hawaiian Gardens

Myra Maravilla, Councilmember, City of Hawaiian Gardens

Jesse Alvarado, Councilmember, City of Hawaiian Gardens

Maria Teresa Del Rio, Councilmember, City of Hawaiian Gardens

Ariel Pe, Councilmember, City of Lakewood

Jennifer Perez, Mayor, City of Norwalk

Tony Ayala, Vice Mayor, City of Norwalk

Rick Ramirez, Councilmember, City of Norwalk

 Margarita L. Rios, Councilmember, City of Norwalk

 Ana Valencia, Councilmember, City of Norwalk

 Leonard Mendoza, Mayor, City of Commerce

 Hugo Argumedo, Councilmember, City of Commerce

Ivan Altamirano, Councilmember, City of Commerce

John Soria, Councilmember, City of Commerce

Monica Sanchez, Vice Mayor, City of Pico Rivera

Gustavo Camacho, Councilmember, City of Pico Rivera

Andrew C. Lara, Councilmember, City of Pico Rivera

John M. Mora, Mayor, City of Santa Fe Springs

Annette Rodriguez, Vice Mayor, City of Santa Fe Springs

Jay Sarno, Councilmember, City of Santa Fe Springs

Juanita Trujillo, Councilmember, City of Santa Fe Springs


Senator Archuleta currently sits as the Chair of the Military and Veterans Affairs Committee – the first Latino Army Veteran named to the position. He also serves on the following committees: Business, Professions and Economic Development; Governmental Organization; Insurance; and Transportation.

Since his election in 2018, Archuleta has brought in over $30 million to the district for several crucial projects and has presented over a dozen bills working with the Governor and his colleagues in Senate and in the Assembly. 

In August 2019, Archuleta, a combat Army veteran in the 82nd Airborne Division, was appointed to the Governor’s Military Council. He was recognized by the National G.I. Forum as Legislator of the Year in 2020.

In March 2021, Archuleta was selected to Chair the Senate Select Committee on Hydrogen Energy and serve as a member of the Senate Select Committee on California, Armenia and Artsakh Mutual Trade, Art and Cultural Exchange.

He was one of only 16 state senators in 2021 to earn a 100 percent Voter Record by the California Labor Federation and received an ‘A’ grade by the California League of Conservation Voters for the 2020 legislative session.

Visit bobarchuletaforsenate2022.com for more information.