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Paramedics Finish the Job After 93 Y.O. Collapses Doing Yard Work

Steele Morris Facebook

August 12, 2021


(Westminster, CA.) Longtime Westminster resident Bob Hallett, 93, loves to go out and mow his lawn. Normally thong go well, until last Thursday when he collapsed doing his weekly chore.

One neighbor saw what happened and quickly called 911. Four Westminster paramedics arrived, along with the Orange County Fire Authority, one of whom drove Hallett to the hospital.

The job was done, but one of the paramedics senses something in Hallet.

“My impression he was going to get out of the hospital and mow his lawn as soon as he got home, that was the last thing he should have done.”

So, instead of packing up and leaving, the remaining three paramedics ended up mowing and raking Hallett’s yard.

One fire equipment engineer Tim Crawford helped his captain clear the grass.

“It was so easy for the three of us to knock it over, put the lawnmower in the back yard and put the trash on the side of the house,” Crawford said. The whole process probably took 12 minutes.

“It’s the little things that make a big difference in people’s lives.”

Steele Morris, who lives across the street, snapped a photo of the men at work. Had his social media posts not made the rounds, the story would have ended there.

“It’s something that firefighters across the country do all the time,” Crawford said. “It’s routine for us. We’re not, ‘Hey, look at us.’”