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Right Under New York Times’ Nose? Gov. Cuomo Accused of Lurid Sexual Harassment Acts

Aug. 3, 2021


Under the window of the New York Times newsroom, an investigation by the attorney general’s office found Gov. Cuomo did commit numerous sexual harassment acts, including creating a toxic environment, retaliation, touching in intimate places, even senior executive members ask by Cuomo’s to sit on his lap during meetings.

Times Reporters who found minuscule violations during the Trump administration somehow missed the systemic harassment at the governor’s office.

Reports by women included hugging and grabbing breasts, grabbing their butts, asking sensitive questions, and touch other body parts.

Eleven women came forward and their allegations were substantiated and corroborated.

Cuomo admitted to some of the acts and denied some of the other acts while he interviewed with the attorney general’s office.

“As a 35-year executive and publisher in the newspaper business, someone buried the story at the NY Times,”  said HMG publisher Brian Hews.