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The Bacon Price Lie, Just Ask the Egg Industry


Aug 2, 2021

By Brian Hews

A couple years ago California changed the laws on the egg industry similar to what’s going on in the bill that will go into effect January 1, 2022 targeting cruel pig farmers.

Activist and animal rights organizations, rightly so, wanted the farmers to give the chickens more room and the farmers and their lobby screamed that it will make egg prices skyrocket.

It didn’t happen, you can go out and get 18 eggs for 2.99 right now, same as it was three years ago; if anything the prices are lower.

The screaming about bacon price is nothing but the bacon lobby trying to soften the initial blow of higher prices and the eventual decrease that happens when people switch to other products and bacon prices will decrease due to lack of demand. Simple economics.

Oink, oink.