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Bridge Publications, Commerce, and Community Leaders Provide Seniors With Free Lunch

The delivery team from Bridge Publications,  community and business leaders deliver lunch to seniors in Commerce.



Many lives have been turned upside down by COVID-19, says Camila Gonzalez, public relations director for Bridge Publications, the all-digital print-on-demand publishing house of author L. Ron Hubbard’s nonfiction works. Bridge wanted to do something special for the community, so they reached out to local civic leaders to find out what they felt was most needed. Councilman Hugo Argumedo said it should be something that will help the seniors, many of whom lack resources or families to look after them.

“This gave us the idea of how we could help in more than one way,” says Gonzalez. She and the other staff at Bridge had already been brainstorming  about doing something for Tamayo Restaurant and Art Gallery. Any other time, Tamayo’s would be brimming with customers enjoying their cuisine and ambiance. But a year of COVID restrictions has been very hard on the restaurant industry, trying to survive by providing takeout alone and, most recently, open for indoor dining again, but only at reduced capacity.

Bridge raised the funds to provide a special Tamayo lunch to 93 residents of the Rosewood Park Senior Apartment Complex and with help of restaurant president Humberto Veloso selected the menu and assisted with the planning.

Councilman Argumedo pulled together a team of volunteers to deliver the lunches, including his wife Jessa, who also arranged for a truck to come to the restaurant and pick everything up.

Paulina Rodriguez, manager of Rosewood Senior Apartment Complex, confirmed the time and date and made arrangements to oversee the entire affair.

“I want to thank Bridge Publications for the wonderful opportunity to ensure our seniors had a nice visit and lunch,” said Jessa Argumedo. “The smiles on the seniors’ faces showed how thankful they were.”



A team member delivers a free meal to a Commerce resident.


“I think all of us as a team pulled together something very good,” said another volunteer. “The seniors are lonely. They were grateful for the thoughtfulness—for someone thinking about them. Delivering the luncheon didn’t feel like work. It was fun.”

One of the residents, suspicious at first when the volunteer came to her door, could hardly believe the meal she was being offered free of charge wasn’t a mistake. When the volunteer assured her that it certainly was for her, she gratefully accepted and stayed outside her apartment enjoying the meal and watching the volunteers go from door to door with their packages.


“One of the best moments of this whole activity was seeing Tamayo’s Humberto Veloso’s surprise when we presented him with a $1,000 donation to show our appreciation for their help on the project and to support them in these challenging times.”

“You helped from your heart,” said Veloso, “and we were able to help you to do so. It not only helped our business after a year of struggle, but also gave us all something to be part of that made a difference.”

Located at 5600 E. Olympic Boulevard in Commerce, Bridge Publications is the world’s largest all-digital, print-on-demand facility. They are winners of the Manufacturing Leadership 100 awards for 2021 and 11 previous years and are listed on the ML100 Creators Respond Honor Roll for their work in response to the pandemic.