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Pageant of the Masters & Festival of Arts Jul. 7 – Sept. 3

July 4, 2021

By Lydia E. Ringwald

Summer spectacular Pageant of the Masters opens again with ‘Made in America’ from July 7 – September 3, 2021 at the Irvine Bowl at Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach.

This year’s unique show, a staged presentation of tableaux as ‘living art’, is based around the theme ‘Made in America’ and includes a series of artworks accompanied by a narrated script that tells the story of the American artists, innovators and dreamers that created the image and vision of the ‘America’ that we were and have become.

Tableaux of the famous art of well-known American artists the magnitude of Winslow Homer and Normal Rockwell are included in a presentation along with famed American woman impressionist artist Mary Cassatt and artists of Mexican and American Indian heritage John Nieto and Luis Jimenez.

Their inspirational artworks and life stories blend into an intriguing narrated script written by Dan Duling and produced by Diane Challis Davey. Volunteers wearing costumes and make up are assembled to create the intriguing and edifying tableaux illuminated on the evening stage.

The Pageant, a Laguna Beach annual show, originated in the 1930s when artists during the Great Depression dressed up as tableaux of artworks and performed the pageant on the beach to attract tourists and generate income.

Over the years, the show has developed into an exciting summer spectacular and art festival that also generates revenue for the City of Laguna Beach to cover costs for the annual event.

Those who purchase tickets to the Pageant ‘Made in America’ may visit the festival grounds before the 8:30 pm show and view the stellar array of over 100 artists booths on the festival ground adjacent the Irvine Bowl amphitheater.

When wandering around the maze of artist booths, be sure to view the contemporary abstractions of Newport Beach artist Lynn Welker (LynnWelker.com), Carol Heiman- Greene’s paintings from nature (greeneart.com) and Laguna Art School artist and professor Lani Emanuel’s portraits and sunsets.


Newport Beach artist Lynn Welker.



Carol Heiman- Greene’s paintings from nature.



Brian Giverson with his ‘totems.’


Also thrilling are mixed media artist Brian Giverson’s mysterious ‘totems’ and artist from Mumbai Varsha Patels’ intriguing wood block prints.

A booth highlight at the Festival are the tile sculptures of Marlo Bartels, a Cerritos College trained artist and sculptor who has contributed to the Laguna Festival of Arts over the years and who has been commissioned to create public art works worldwide.

Pageant and Festival attendees bring a picnic throughout the summer to enjoy music and outdoor dining on the Festival grounds to celebrate the annual event.

There is a wine bar and also take out restaurant on the Festival grounds as well as the enchanting full service Tivoli restaurant, with its elegant white table cloth seated dining ‘en plain air’.

Time your travel to Laguna by first checking the Festival of Arts schedule for the music series that includes jazz and rock performances.

It’s also possible to purchase a ticket to the Festival only and enjoy the many performances scheduled. To celebrate the summer season, wine and champagne are permitted on the festival grounds.

Performances of the Pageant are nightly from July 7 – September 3, beginning in the evening 8:30 pm when it is dark enough to view the spectacular illuminated staged tableaux, music and light show.

The Festival of the Arts also continues until September 3. For further information visit the Festival of Arts Pageant of the Masters at: foapom.com