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SCE Partners With EV Charger Company in Lakewood 

Volta Charging Collaborates With SCE and Albertsons Companies to Raise EV Awareness.



SCE is collaborating with Volta Charging to communicate the benefits of driving electric vehicles (EVs). The ads will appear on charging stations owned and operated by Volta at Vons grocery store in Lakewood.

Among other programs, SCE offers several EV incentives and rebates to customers, including a $1,000 rebate on a pre-owned EV and the California Clean Fuel Reward, a point-of-sale incentive worth up to $1,500 on new EV purchases.

According to the EPA, the transportation sector generates the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions which includes primarily gasoline and diesel.

This is a key reason National Grid and other utilities have joined the EV100 initiative.

EV100 participating companies totaling more than 100 commit to switching their fleets to electric and/or installing charging for staff and customers by 2030.

As an energy supplier for electric vehicles, electric utilities play an important role in growing and shaping the market for EVs.

The Boston Consulting Group estimates that the rise of EVs could create $3-$10 billion of new value for the average electric utility.

EVs are also expected to provide utilities with enhanced flexibility in balancing power demand with supply and do so at a much lower cost than traditional energy storage.