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Hawaiian Gardens WWII Veteran Turns 100 

STATE SENATOR Bob Archuleta, himself a veteran, congratulates Paulo Martinez on his 100th birthday.  Born in 1921, Martinez graduated from Poly High School in 1940. Waiting for his draft summons, he went to work for Consolidated Ship Building, a company that launched Liberty cargo ships that supplied the military in the Pacific. Martinez entered active service in 1942 and was assigned to radio operator school in Missouri, where he eventually taught Morse Code and used the old fashioned telegraph key. Martinez was sent to Fort Monmouth, New Jersey to become a high-speed radio operator and became a T- 5 Corporal, assigned to the Signal Air Warning Battalion in Tampa. Later he was sent overseas to Dutch New Guinea and later to Luzon in the Philippines until the end of the war. Martinez was honorably discharged January 16, 1946.