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Downey Reopens, Will Celebrate 65th Anniversary


FORMER DOWNEY MAYORS going back 36 years were invited for a commemorative photograph. Former Mayor Rick Rodriguez was unable to join the gathering.


June 26, 2021


This week marked a significant milestone for our community and our country as we reopened our City Council Chambers to full capacity after 15 months of closure.

Before our reopening, we wanted to remember the 301 residents we lost during the pandemic. A small ceremony was held outside of City Hall.  As we celebrate the reopening of our state and the return to all the activities missed, I am encouraged by the latest figures released by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. The vaccination rate for Downey residents 16 years of age and older is now 66.2%; adults 65 years of age and older, it is 87.8%.  Downey is surpassing L.A. County vaccination rates.

On another note, the City of Downey is celebrating 65 years since its incorporation as a city in 1956.  Strong cities don’t just happen. It was the commitment of outstanding leaders to reinvent Downey from an aerospace community to a Biomedical hub with a thriving business sector that led to what Downey is today, an inspirational city. We continue to be a leader in Southeast L.A. County.

Our city has the highest number of churches per square mile, close to 30 non-profit clubs and organizations, and 220 neighborhood watch groups. The residents of this city are committed to a strong Downey.

Concerts in the Park are back this summer at Furman Park. Parks and Recreation office unveiled the lineup for the Twilight Summer Concert Series. The first concert will take place on Wednesday, July 7, at 7:00 pm with a patriotic tribute by the First Marine Division Band.  As we approach the 4th of July, I want to remind our residents there will be strict enforcement and crackdown of illegal fireworks. There are steep fines for possession of these. Please contact our Downey Police Dispatch at 562-861-0770 to report illegal firework activity. Our Downey Fire Department will be fully staffed leading up to and during the holiday to respond to any potential threats.

As we welcome summer events and activities, please remember there is a process in Downey to host or hold a public event in any of our parks, even if gathering are of a religious nature, city permits must be acquired.

I encourage all residents to download the app for Downey’s anti-litter campaign #BINIT. Please continue to do your part by putting all trash in its place. To report illegally dumped items to the City of Downey, please call 562-904-1161. If you would like bulky items removed, please call CalMet at 562-259-1239. Through this app, you will be able to immediately report illegally dumped items, street repairs, trash, graffiti removal or needed neighborhood light repairs.

There have been nearly 1,500 applications distributed for the city’s rental assistance program. This program has a budget of $950,000. Door hangers have been distributed door-to-door to rental properties in the city to ensure the information gets to our renters. New applicants that qualify and go through the process will automatically receive three month’s rental assistance. Please contact our Community Development at 562.299.6706 or visit our website at


Our Downey Police Department Street Racing detail will continue to patrol segments throughout our city prone to speed and street racing. If there is street racing in your neighborhood, please report it to Downey PD. If you must report a non-emergency issue, please contact the Downey Police Dispatch at 562-861-0770.

Please stay safe, healthy, and be well.