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WRD Board of Directors Appoints New General Manager

Stephen Tucker


Lakewood, CA  (June 17, 2021)– Today, the Board of Directors appointed Stephan Tucker as the new General Manager of the Water Replenishment District (WRD). With his expertise in managing large-scale water infrastructure projects, Mr. Tucker will help lead the District’s efforts to build a drought-resilient water supply in the region.

In response to the Board’s unanimous vote, WRD Board Vice President Sergio Calderon shared “The challenges posed by California’s drought require innovative and steadfast leadership. Mr. Tucker has the skill and vision to build upon WRD’s successes in creating a resilient water future.”

Mr. Tucker is a successful Program Management Director and mechanical engineer with more than 35 years of experience managing significant programs at the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power for most of his career. He was appointed to the role of WRD’s Interim General Manager in April 2021.  “I have followed Mr. Tucker’s impressive career for years and we’re thrilled that he can bring his leadership and innovative project development strategies to WRD,” said WRD Board President John D. S. Allen.

Stephan has demonstrated continuous success in developing asset management programs; managing capital planning and budgeting platforms, and developing strategy and work plans for project delivery.  In addition, he has been involved in several development ventures for which he uses his technical skills along with his business management expertise to provide strategies for completing projects that address water infrastructure needs in California.

“Mr. Tucker’s extensive experience and specialized skill in project management holds a promising future for WRD. Our goal is to build a drought-proof supply of water in the region. Mr. Tucker’s talent will surely bring us closer to achieving that goal and I am excited that he has decided to join WRD” said Director Rob Katherman.

Director Vera Robles DeWitt shared, “Mr. Tucker’s leadership in the water industry will guide WRD to new heights and help us to achieve our goals. I happily welcome Mr. Tucker to WRD and look forward to his continued contributions to our agency.”

Mr. Tucker graduated with a B.A. in Religion from Morehouse College, a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from California State University, Northridge, and an M.B.A in General Management from Pepperdine University. He also completed a series of leadership and certification programs from the UCLA Anderson School of Business and the Project Management Institute.


“In addition to his strong management skills, Mr. Tucker has led and developed a series of diversity programs,” said WRD Board President Emeritus Willard H. Murray Jr. “This demonstrates Mr. Tucker’s commitment to leaving a long-lasting and positive impact on the water industry. We are excited to welcome him to WRD and make him a part of our agency’s legacy.”


In response to his appointment, Mr. Tucker shared, “I’d like to thank the Board for entrusting me with an awesome opportunity to run an agency with such a critical role in the management of groundwater in southern Los Angeles County.”