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Summer Car Maintenance Tips From CleanLA



Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. As we prepare for the temperature change, it is essential to prepare homes and vehicles for the changing seasons. Every winter, people across the United States prepare cars for snow and rain and rarely remember the importance of preparing vehicles for the summer heat.

Los Angeles County residents need to consider several factors for maintaining vehicles during the summer months. Some of the most important things to check on cars are tires, batteries, and air conditioners. Below are additional ways to prepare vehicles this summer.

Summer car maintenance tips

  • Check car tire pressure regularly to help prevent blown tires as heat increases tire pressure
  • Check car batteries as they are more likely to die in the heat of summer
  • Change oil regularly to reduce the car’s oil viscosity which can damage a vehicle

When preparing cars for summer, it is essential to recycle the used oil and oil filters properly by taking them to a certified collection center. After completing an oil change, re-fill the oil container you just emptied with the used oil, making sure it does not get in contact with other liquids, including water. For your used filter, place it in a clean leak-proof container. For more information, visit CleanLA.com or visit CalRecycle.ca.gov to find a certified collection center.