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These CA Assembly Men and Woman Voted Against Funding Gun-Violence Prevention

June 7, 2021

A bill to create new taxes on the sale of guns and ammunition to pay for gun-violence prevention programs failed to get the two-thirds vote needed for passage Thursday in the state Assembly.

It would have created a 10% excise tax on retailers for the sale of new handguns and an 11% tax for long guns and ammunition, and raised more than $100 million annually for a gun violence prevention program to mediate disputes in the community, including those involving gang members.

The measure was also opposed by groups advocating for gun owners including the National Rifle Assn., which called the bill an unconstitutional attempt to limit the ability of citizens to buy firearms.

California residents purchased more than 1.3 million firearms last year, more than were bought in each of the three previous years.

The  Assembly persons below voted no.

All Republicans, three from Orange County.