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SCGA Gifts Equipment to Bell High Golf Team

Members of the Bell High School boys and girls golf teams received a game-changing gift from the SCGA Junior Golf Foundation after months of pandemic-related delays.

May 26, 2021


After being fit for equipment over a year ago, the the Bell High golf team received a brand-new set of clubs and golf bag this past week . It is a welcome relief, both teams were sharing equipment, none of which accommodated their specific needs based on height and skill level.

At the end of practice, a match or the season, the coach had to round everything up leaving the students no opportunity or equipment to practice with or play on their own. “Some of the clubs from school are too small so you have to bend down and that really messes up your swing,” said sophomore Fernando Salas, “These clubs fit perfectly. I’m pretty excited, they feel really good.”

For Salas and the rest of his teammates, this was the first time that any of them have owned their own set of clubs. The set included 10 clubs and a bag, which can begin at $400.

The Bell High School teams received them at a 90 percent discount supplemented by financial aid from SCGA Junior. Annually, SCGA Junior provides more than $46,000 in financial aid, with more than $11,000 of that being specifically for equipment.

“It’s really special to receive these because a lot of us don’t have the money to buy all of this on our own,” said senior Bryann Bracamontes. “I’m so surprised at how different it feels playing with these new clubs. It feels great seeing how everyone is doing with them already.”

The impact of the new equipment was immediate for Bracamontes and her teammates. After teammate Samantha Valladeres hit a great shot, the driving range erupted into cheers.  She insisted it was the clubs, but the rest of her team is sure that it was just her talent.

“It’s amazing, this is just going to motivate them even more,” said Alfredo Aviles who has been coaching both the boys and girls teams for nearly a decade. “They can go to the range on their own instead of me having to gather up the school equipment when the season is over. They can go out with their friends and play.”

For SCGA Junior Instructor Eric Koscielak, seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces and the fun they had with their new clubs made all the delays worthwhile. “This is the most rewarding thing we do,” Koscielak said. “Giving back to those who want to play the game, they just don’t have the means to get there on their own creates lasting change and access in golf.”