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La Palma Requests Congressional Funding to Repair 48 Medians


LOOKING FOR FUNDS: The City of La Palma has five arterial street medians, consisting of 48 median islands for a total of 3.85 miles long, including: La Palma Avenue (East City Limits to West City Limits – 1.5 miles) – 16 median islands; Moody Street (South City Limits to North City Limits – 0.7 miles) – 12 median islands; Walker Street (Orangethorpe Ave. to Bransford Dr. – 0.1 miles) – 2 median islands; Orangethorpe Avenue (East City Limits to West City Limits – 0.7 miles) – 11 median islands; Valley View Street (South City Limits to North City Limits –  0.85 miles) – 7 median islands.


May 3, 2021

Last week, 38th District Congresswoman Linda T. Sánchez submitted a $2 million funding request to the United States House Committee on Appropriations for the City of La Palma’s Arterial Street Medians Rehabilitation Project for Fiscal Year 2022.

The project would reconstruct 48 median islands and add three new median islands throughout the City. The median islands would include a variety of drought-tolerant plants and trees with a drip irrigation system to significantly reduce water usage and water runoff into the streets, reflecting the City’s commitment to protecting the environment while also improving the aesthetics of our streets.

Additionally, the project would be constructed with an ability to use reclaimed water for irrigation in the future to reduce the use of drinkable water.

The medians after work, if funded.


“We are truly honored to be one of 10 projects submitted for funding by the Congresswoman,” La Palma Mayor Nitesh P. Patel said. “Due to years of watering restrictions and drought regulations, the City did its part by limiting watering, ultimately resulting in the medians’ deteriorated appearance, which is not reflective of the vibrant and well-maintained infrastructure in our town,” he added. “I know this project means a lot of our community,” Mayor Patel said, “and we are excited about this funding request!”

A special thanks to the following individuals for their letters of support for this project: State Senator Josh Newman, Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva, Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley, Anaheim Union High School District Board of Trustee Brian O’Neal, La Palma Mayor Nitesh P. Patel, La Palma Council Member Marshall Goodman, and La Palma Community Foundation President and La Palma Mayor Pro Tem Michele Steggell.

More information about the project can be found at www.cityoflapalma.org/medians