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LED Streetlights Coming to La Mirada


April 30, 2021


Nearly 4,000 streetlights in La Mirada will be changed from High-Pressure Sodium Vapor (HSPV) fixtures to Light Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures in residential areas and major streets beginning this May. The majority of the streetlights are within the County Lighting Maintenance District (CLMD), which is funded by property tax payments.  Southern California Edison (SCE), which own the streetlights, will be completing the work.

The LED fixtures are brighter, more true to color, and more energy efficient compared to the HPSV lights. Streetlights on major streets will provide a brighter, whiter appear-ing light, while in the residential areas, streetlights will have warm amber tones more consistent with existing HPSV streetlights.

Converting to LED lighting will help SCE meet its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  The new LED technology will result in a savings to the CLMD due to reduced energy usage.  LED lighting will also reduce light pollution, improve visibility, and provide increased lamp life.

For more information, please contact La Mirada Public Works Department at (562) 902-2385.