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Cerritos Mayor Pro Tem Vo Calls Himself ‘Too Inexperienced’ to Be Mayor

The move is followed by the nomination of Grace Hu for mayor, and Vo pro tem.
BY BRIAN HEWS • April 30, 2021

In another first for Cerritos City Council, following Councilman Solanki occupying the mayor’s chair for two consecutive years, Mayor pro tem Chuong Vo, who was absent from Wednesday’s mayoral transition, told the council and residents that he was too inexperienced to be mayor and wanted to wait a year.

Vo read his speech from a legal pad in a pre-recorded video and indicated he wanted to wait a year in order to gain more experience.

As the time neared to nominate the mayor and mayor pro tem, City Clerk Vida Barone directed the council and residents watching on cable to view Vo’s speech.

Vo said he was absent from the meeting due to the possible Derek Chauvin verdict on Apr. 21, assisting with crowd control in case it was an unfavorable verdict.

Vo is a Torrance Police detective with seniority, Torrance is only 30 minutes from Cerritos. The verdict came in at 2 PM, with Chauvin guilty on all three counts, guaranteeing no serious crowd control would be necessary.

The transition meeting was at 7 PM,  but Vo chose not to come and instructed Cerritos personnel to play the video.

In the video, Vo cited that he was the first rookie Cerritos City Councilmember to be appointed Mayor pro tem and wanted to wait one year, asking the council to nominate him as Mayor pro tem.

Cerritos residents know Vo was on the Cerritos Planning Commission for a few years and functioned as the chair, demonstrating he could preside over council meetings.

Barrows thought he was experienced enough, saying later in the meeting that Vo, “did more work than anybody I have ever seen in that position.”

Vo ended the video asking to be appointed Mayor pro tem.

As Clerk Barone called for Mayor nominations, Solanki surprisingly nominated Councilwoman Grace Hu, who was “very surprised and honored to be chosen,”  Hu was elected 4-0.

Clerk Barone called for the Mayor pro tem nomination, this time Councilman Bruce Barrows came forward and nominated Vo. Solanki seconded Barrows nomination and Vo was installed as Mayor pro tem on a 3-1 vote, with Councilman Yokoyama voting no.