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Newsom Recall Proponents Should Have to Pay

Gov. Gavin Newsom

HMG-CN OP/ED • April 28, 2021

The Newsom recall proponents announced they had gathered enough ballots this week and, according to new reports, California is going to spend upwards of $400 million to run the election to give Caitlyn Jenner her shot at governor.

The Republican backed effort will certainly bring in the clowns, some might be entertaining, with everyone getting their 15 minutes of fame courtesy California taxpayers.

Get ready for the line of weirdos, porn stars, freaks, and reality show losers that will appear to run for governor.

And it’s wrong, these are the same Republicans who always chant wait until the next election and let the voters decide, yet they’re the ones who backed to recall.

And they should pay.

The Secretary of State has every person’s name and address who signed the recall petition, 1.6 million.

$400 million to run the recall divided by 1.6 million is $250 per person who signed the recall petition.

Send them a bill, put your money where your mouth is recall proponents, you want an election you should have to pay for it.

If they don’t pay, lien their tax bill, ding their credit score, make them pay for it at some time in the future.

Why should anybody who supports Newsom have to pay for this election? The recall was spawned during the pandemic, when everyone was doing a bad job containing the spread, now California has the lowest positivity rate in the country, while giving out the most shots.

Los Angeles, San Francisco, Marin, and Trinity counties are on the same track to enter the yellow tier, the most lenient, where restaurants can open inside.

It was also spawned from the business closures that needed to be done to stop the spread. California has now regained nearly 39 percent of the over 2.7 million total jobs lost in March and April 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The unemployment rate is 8.5 percent down from 9 percent the month earlier.

Opponents are sure to cry foul saying it would intimidate people out of participating, yes because this recall is a farce; if it was a valid recall why would you be intimidated?

Surprisingly, the signatures are not subject to the California Public Records Act and can only be viewed by people collecting them, election officials or state attorneys.
Redact the signatures.

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood) recently said, “Neither the state or the county should be stuck footing the bill for such an unnecessary election.”

President pro tem Toni Atkins echoed the same objections.

Agreed, make it so Mr. Speaker and President pro tem.

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