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LASD Inconsistencies: Pathologist Says Aisha Nava Struggled to Live, Death Not a Suicide




BY BRIAN HEWS • April 26, 2021

Last week, Hews Media Group was the first news outlet to report that there was major inconsistencies in the LASD’s investigation of Aisha Nava’s death.

18 year-old Aisha died March 28, found under a bridge in Compton.

First, the investigators ruled it was a suicide but the coroner would not confirm.

Then Natalie went to the riverbed where Aisha was found, and discovered evidence that the investigators evidently missed; Aisha’s backpack, a tooth, and her eyeglasses.

She notified LASD detectives but they did not ask for the items.

There were two camera on nearby companies with a clear view of the area where Aisha was found, which Aisha’s mom told the investigators about, as of the time of the first report Natalie was not informed they obtained the video.

Finally, there was a cell phone video that surfaced shot by a person on their daily walk the day Aisha died. Sources are telling HMG-CN that the video shows the coroner and others investigating the crime scene with Aisha’s body there.

Presumably the investigators had not moved the body so they would not alter or contaminate the crime scene.

According to the source, the video shows the body was under the bridge, completely inconsistent with the initial suicide report by the investigators.

The LASD immediately sent a letter blasting the HMG-CN report as filled with false information.

Now the LASD has some explaining to do.

HMG-CN has learned from sources that Aisha’s family, not wanting to wait, hired an independent pathologist to examine Aisha’s body.

Vidal Herrera, who has over 30 years of experience, and who is examining Aisha without pay, told the family he could tell by looking at Aisha that it was not a suicide.

“This girl fought, I didn’t have to think twice when I saw her, she was defending herself,” Herrera told the source.

Herrera that Aisha had several bruises on her body and material under her fingerprints, indicating a major struggle with the assailants.

HMG-CN has a channel into Sheriff Villanueva but he has not responded.

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