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Boycott Huntington Beach: Allowing a ‘White Lives Matter’ Rally Sunday




HMG-CN Opine • April 10, 2021

With apologies to all businesses in Huntington Beach, people need to boycott your city.

Your city has allowed a White Lives Matter rally inside city boundaries. What was once a destination city has now become one of the most racist, homophobic, xenophobic cities in the nation.

Why not deny the permit and let them take you to court?

The event is tomorrow, preceded by Ku Klux Klan fliers distributed in the solidly Republican city.

The rally was organized by the “Loyal White Knights” (no Blacks/Asians/Hispanics allowed I imagine) and will take place at the pier; according to reports the council is getting a lot of grief, but the police chief Julian Harvey calls it “protected speech.”

This is the same police chief that allowed 2,500 unmasked Covidots to run around the pier with Trump flags while a 500 person Black Lives Matter rally was met with pepper balls from his force.

Maybe he will attend the rally also.

Mayor Kim Carr, said the city is doing “everything it can,” really? She voted for Tito Ortiz to be the Mayor pro tem, Ortiz is the Marjorie Taylor Green of Huntington Beach spewing election conspiracy theories and not wearing a mask.

The Council did cover their asses approving three resolutions denouncing white hate, but that is like using a garden hose to put out a raging house fire.

I know this is the US and not USSR, but this kind of crap should not be allowed to happen. It only fosters more hate, if any one of those racist pigs said what they are going to say tomorrow (or held a racist sign) in another space without their other racist pig friends protecting them,  they would get their ass kicked.

Here’s an idea, instead of holding the rally in HB, go to South-Central L.A. and rally , 54 and 5th would be a good spot, see how that goes.

Meantime some residents and businesses are protesting but it’s all they can do, the city Council must take action along with their apparently racist police chief.