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Pacific Gardens Medical Center Reopens in Hawaiian Gardens


PACIFIC GARDENS is reopening, to the delight of Hawaiian Gardens residents and first responders in the area.


37 general care beds; 16 ICU beds; dedicated unit of 44 beds for COVID patients .

By Tammye McDuff • March 29, 2021

Pacific Gardens Medical Center, formerly the Gardens Regional Hospital and Medical Center and prior to that Tri-City Regional Medical Center has reopened their facilities after four long years.

Gardens Regional Hospital began shutting down January 2017 after its proposed sale to Riverside-based Strategic Global Management fell through. According to reports Strategic global was unable to meet the charity care provisions required by the state Attorney General as a condition of the sale.

Tim Clark CEO of Pacific Gardens Medical Center sat down with Hews Media Group for a look into the new facility. “The original facility closed due to financial troubles and Dr. Manpreet Singh stepped in to purchase the facility as Chief of Operations.” Singh currently oversees four other facilities.

“We are looking forward to supporting the Hawaiian Gardens Community,” said Clark, “Not just for healthcare but we are looking to hire about hundred more employees. This is a great time and we know the hospital is needed in the area.”

When Clark decided to join the Center’s team he was looking for areas that have been chronically underserved and Hawaiian Gardens met that criteria. “This is our opportunity to get it right the first time,” he said.

Clarke is also a registered nurse for the last 30 years, and considers this the chance to do right by the residents. “I keep up to date with my training and license, so that if I am needed in an emergency situation, I would be able to do what might be necessary.”

Director of Nursing Management Services, Bettina Celifih, chose the Center for its unparalleled commitment and focus “The hospital really believes in the team effort approach to patient care and found that admirable.”

With an onsite pharmacy and laboratory, results and medication can be accessed by patients almost immediately. Gabriel Arellano, Lab Director was able to give full demonstrations of the numerous instruments / equipment that make swift diagnosis possible “We take specimens from head to foot; we test every chemistry panel that is possible, releasing the results sometimes in less than ten minutes. We are a patient care institute. We want the patients in, healed and home as quickly as possible.”

In terms of the renovation of the building, the Center is licensed for a 137 general acute care beds, 16 ICU beds, and have one dedicated unit for CoVID patients with 44 beds.