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Downey Council Will Consider Paying $4,500 for a Council Trip to Ensenada


By Brian Hews • March 22, 2021

Tomorrow night’s agenda for the Downey City Council has an item that the body will consider to spend $4,500+ for transportation, food and lodging for a two night, three day “special ceremony” visit to its sister city of Ensenada. 

Armando Ayala, the Mayor of Ensenada, wants to have the council visit because of the two decommissioned ambulances the city delivered in October 2020.

The charges also include “travel mileage,” it is 192 miles to from Downey to Ensenada, the current IRS rate is 57 cents per mile, so each councilmember will earn $218 for taking the trip.

The four members wanted to travel in the next few weeks, but will “wait” until May or June according to the agenda.

The agenda was stamped “approved by the city manager,” who is Gilbert Livas.

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