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Commerce Honors Volunteers for Cleaning Up Washington Boulevard


BY TAMMYE MCDUFF • March 18, 2021

Commerce City Council paid special recognition to a dozen volunteers who dedicated their time and efforts who took it upon themselves to begin a grass roots Washington Boulevard clean-up.

In the ‘Model City,’ the Commerce City Council will recognize remarkable individuals during the month of April to celebrate National Volunteer Month which is celebrated throughout the county.

Now more than ever volunteerism has become the cornerstone of every community. From the anonymous volunteers who donate their resources to those whose efforts are part of larger national organizations or local grassroots group, their mission is to always provide valuable support to their neighborhood communities in times of need.

Council recognized the following:

Makayla Rice, Ashley Rice, Diego Alvarez, Sofia Alvarez, Robert Sanchez, Susana Larios, Arriana Larios, Steve Viesca, Maria Viesca, Amanda Viesca, Samantha Viesca, Leonard Mendoza

Special thanks was given to Councilman Leonard Mendoza for attending the event with volunteers Robert Sanchez and Steve Viesca. These two men are very active in the community. During the pandemic they went above and beyond to step forward in contributing to the city when it was most needed. Certificates will be hand delivered to each volunteer.

For your public service and volunteerism and your efforts to clean up a section of the Washington Boulevard with other team members, the City appreciates your efforts in beautifying the area,” stated Mayor Ivan Altamirano.