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Statement from the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce Regarding the Reopening of Schools



 LOS ANGELES, CA – MARCH 4, 2021 – The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased that state legislative leaders have reached an agreement aimed at securing a safe return to in-person instruction for California schools, by the end of March. We are encouraged that working parents will now have safe options for their children’s education.

 “People living in underserved communities are overrepresented in the essential worker population. Students in these communities and the children of essential workers do not have the academic support or resources for optimal learning; they need in-person learning options. The measures taken by the Governor, Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools – Debra Duardo, and Los Angeles County Public Health Director – Dr. Barbara Ferrer ensure a safety-first approach to help reopen schools and an equity focused vaccine strategy which supports student and staff safety. This is a promising step in the right direction, “ said Maria S. Salinas, President and CEO of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce.

Also, under the deal announced, school districts will receive up to $6.6 billion if they are able to open schools, up to the second grade,  safely by March 31. The funding will be used to support safe in-person instruction, personal protective equipment, ventilation upgrades and COVID-19 testing. Also, the funds will be used to expand programs to address the social-emotional, mental health and academic needs of students adversely affected by school closures due to the pandemic.

 Salinas continued, “the students of today will be our workforce of the future. They deserve every opportunity to succeed. We simply cannot afford to have these students fall behind academically.”