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Compton Councilwoman Emma Sharif Announces Run for Mayor of Compton


Compton, CA—February 9, 2021 ~ Councilwoman Emma Sharif officially launched her campaign for Mayor of Compton. Sharif released the following statement as she formally entered the race for Mayor, “I would like to first thank Mayor Aja Brown for leading our city over the last 8 years. She has lead Compton through some turbulent times and it has been my pleasure to work alongside her to accomplish great things for our beloved Hub City.”

“Since being re-elected to the city council in 2019, we have accomplished the following,”

• Completed $5.9 million in street repairs

• Approved $45 million in revenue bonds to fund additional street repairs

• Stood up a COVID 19 Testing Site in Compton

• Created a Homeless Outreach Plan and provided services to 90 individuals

• Approved an Illegal Dumping contract, Editor’s note: HMG-CN has confirmed Sharif meant “approved a contract to fight illegal dumping.”

• Hired an Anti-Graffiti painter

• Approved a $1.2 million Tree trimming contract

• Built or approved over 500 units of housing

• Worked with Assemblyman Mike Gipson to revitalize the Compton Creek

“Although we have much to be proud of as a city, we still have work to do to increase the quality of life for all Compton residents. I look forward to working with the council, staff and residents to take Compton to the next level.”

Sharif continued, “My administration will focus on tackling the homeless issue, finishing street repair projects, recruiting businesses that will bring revenue to the city and increasing programs and resources for our seniors.”

Councilwoman Sharif, a 30-year resident of Compton, raised her four children in the city, and is known to be battle-tested, honest, transparent, and true to the people she serves.

Sharif holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science/Sociology; and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Prior to being elected to the city council, Sharif served the City of Compton as an elected School Board Member and proud union member in the Compton Education Association. She represents the city on several regional boards and serves as an elected member of the California Democratic Party State Central Committee.