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Cerritos Resident Victim of Possible ‘Swatting’ Incident


BY BRIAN HEWS • January 23, 2021

Swatting is false reporting an emergency to public safety by a person for the intent of getting a SWAT team response to a location where no emergency exists.

The calling party will often report they are involved or nearby as a witness to a home invasion, active shooter, or hostage situation, attempting to muster the largest response possible.

Often, the law enforcement response is substantial, with police confronting the unsuspecting victims at gunpoint, only to learn that there is no real emergency.

These actors have various reasons; sometimes it is for “fun” and viewed as a prank to the actor, while other times it is used as retaliation against a real or perceived issue with the victim. Several public figures and celebrities have been the victims of swatting.

Those who attempt to cause a swatting incident use several techniques, including caller ID spoofing, TTY relay technologies, and social engineering.

This past Tuesday, a swatting incident occurred at approximately 1 PM in Cerritos at  the 19300 block of Kay Ave. regarding an assault with a deadly weapon call.

Per protocol, several heavily armed deputies responded to the scene, surrounded the residence, and ordered the occupants out of the home. Confused residents came out with hands up and that is when the deputies learned that no gunshots occurred at the location.

The preliminary investigation revealed that an unknown male suspect called the deputies and reported they were gunshots coming from house on Kay,  while also reporting that there were injured people at the location.

Investigators now believe that the Kay Ave. resident was likely the victim of a “swatting” call but are still investigating the incident.