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New Virtual Classes at the Lifetime Learning Center

New classes offered virtually at the Lifetime Learning Center at Long Beach City College start January 19, 2021: “Amazing Americans” presented by Dr. Ginny Baxter- America is great because of her people, not necessarily her leaders, exploring individuals who have made an impact on the success of the United States.

“A Journey Through Jazz” with Dr. Robyn Frey-Monell. Discover the roots of Ragtime, Dixieland, Big Band, Blues, Be-Bop, Swing and Jazz-Rock fusion.

“State of the Union” presented by Craig Hendricks-30 days into the new administration.

“Tai Chi for Better Balance” with David Hennage and “Strength Training” with Jessi McMaster are offered again.

Classes are available to everyone and range from $20 to $60. Students from Hawaii to New York have Zoomed with us. Register on-line at www.lbcc.edu/lifetime-learning-center. For more Information contact Theresa Brunella at 562-930-3047.