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Cerritos Company Blatantly Violating COVID Orders


A website that shows citations given out by the Los Angeles County Department of Health for COVID violations indicate that five companies in Cerritos have been cited for health violations.

Citations issued to companies due to lack of compliance with Health Officer Order include Club Pilates on South St on October 9, 2020; It’s a Grind on South Street on December 18, 2020, Sisters Korean Kitchen on Bloomfield on October 16, 2020 and UPS on Moore St in September 2020. All were cited just once.

But one company’s blatant violations could catch the attention of Cerritos officials, Crunch Fitness on Del Amo.

The gym apparently does not care about customers or those who could be infected by their customers getting cited in 2020 on August 29; September 5, 17, 19; October 10, 21; November 2, 17, 23 and 12/13; 10 times in four months.

Also obvious is that the LADPH does not have a maximum amount of citations before mandating closure.