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MINT 1959 Chevy Impala (above) with every original available option.


January 8, 2021


Not all New Years day annual events were cancelled this year. Bright and early on Friday morning January 1st, hundreds of tricked out vintage cars gathered at Don Knabe Park in Cerritos.

“Today is national low-rider day and everyone here is part of that culture, hot rods, low rides and even some motorcycles. We like to go different parks, we bring our kids and our grandkids with their little scooters and we just hang out and have good family fun,” said organizer Punchie,” No gang activity, no politics, just people from all walks of life that love old cars.”

“We have known each other, some of us for 35 – 40 years. We have watched our kids get interested in cars and just holding a barbecue, we have some food trucks and we are all just having a good time. We probably have about 500 cars here today.”

One of the best vehicles at the car show was a 1959 Chevy Impala, with every original available option. “I acquired the vehicle about ten years ago. It has everything on it, fuel injection, spotlights, and an original a dash compass,” said vehicle owner Nutso.

In an unfortunate turn of events a 1963/64 Chevy Impala all ‘decked out’ with a great paint job trimmed in gold with low rider hydraulics spun out and crashed. The car was up, turned a curve, lost control, started to spin and slammed into a tree. The driver was not intoxicated and walked away from the crash, put as Punchie stated “Yeah, that car isn’t gonna go anywhere anytime soon.”