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Newsom Will ‘Likely’ Extend Lock-Down

Newsom said in a news conference today that an announcement is expected Tuesday on a likely extension of the regional stay-at-home order that is due to expire Monday across Southern California. He says the state is still finalizing ICU demand projections for the next month.

With the Southland’s intensive care unit capacity officially considered to be zero, Newsom has said the order will almost assuredly be extended.

The situation is already dire, with California topping 2 million confirmed COVID-19 cases on Christmas Eve, and the worst is expected to come in the next few weeks after Christmas and New Year’s travelers return home.

“We are likely, I think it’s pretty self-evident, going to need to extend those regional dates,” Newsom said. “… Based upon all the data and based upon all these trend lines, it is very likely based on those current trends that we’ll need to extend that stay at home order, (which) you recall was a three-week order when we announced it.”