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Lakewood Resident Pays Tribute to Family of Frontliners With Song

LAKEWOOD, Calif. — One local physician has been working so hard, his niece was inspired to pay tribute to him and other healthcare workers through music.

Dr. Kyaw Moe has specialized in kidney health the past 12 years. These last 10 months the nephrologist been busier than ever before helping to treat COVID-19 patients who are experiencing kidney failure. Many, he says, learned of their COVID status after their organs had begun to fail.

“The pressure involved for the physicians, all the frontline healthcare workers, nurses, including the janitors – a lot. Because you are treating the sick patients, at the same time you are making sure you don’t get that COVID infection,” said Moe.

His niece, Julia, says she noticed an obvious change in her uncle.

“I could see my uncle coming home, like tired. He looked drained,” said Julia Noe.

She grabbed her pen and iPad and wrote a song dedicated to Dr. Moe and his colleagues at Lakewood Regional, Los Alamitos and Long Beach Memorial Hospitals.

“I had this urge to just do something for the healthcare providers and there was literally nothing I could do except saying thank you,” said Noe. “Thank you for protecting us, saving us. Thank you for risking your safety.”

Since posting it to YouTube, Julia’s tribute has been seen over 8,000 times and shared by many first responders.

Dr. Moe says he’s hopeful we’re nearing the end of this crisis and is excited to get the vaccine. He reminds everyone to continue wearing their masks because in doing that, you’re helping the healthcare workers, who are working tirelessly to help us.

Click here for to listen to song