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Four Armed Robberies in La Mirada Since Wednesday


STAFF REPORT • November 14, 2020

Media outlets are reporting that four armed robberies have occurred in the past few days in La Mirada.

The business owners are contemplating private security for their area.

K and T Donuts, on the corner of Imperial and Santa Gertrudes was hit, the Subway next door to K an T was robbed the night before, Juan Pollo across Santa Gertrudes was robbed, then across Imperial Hwy.,  the Rite Aid was robbed yesterday.

Alberto Calle, who owns Gondola Pizza, sasd his employees are fearful, and he talked to other business owners who felt the same.

Investigators at the Norwalk Sheriff Station, as well as the sub-station at La Mirada City Hall  are on high alert.

There is a video of the man robbing K and T donuts but he was in a hoodie with a facemask so no clear picture of the man was taken.

Some of the business owners near K and T Said they actually saw the man flee the scene on a skateboard.


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