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Biden Declared Winner, Biden is President-Elect, Trump Goes Golfing

Obama and Biden mug for Presidential selfie.



VP Joe Biden has been declared the winner over Donald Trump. FINALLY.



CALIFORNIA — Governor Gavin Newsom released the following statement on the 2020 Presidential election results:“America’s largest state congratulates the next President and Vice-President of these United States.  This was truly the victory America needed to be the America we know we can be. 


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were the choice of a record number of American voters – and an overwhelming majority of Californians — because we know they will represent all Americans.  They will treat every person with dignity and deserving of equal opportunity.  They will attack systemic injustices, not their fellow Americans.  They will respect the rule of law and democratic institutions.  They will elevate science and expertise and renew America’s place of leadership in responding to global threats like COVID and climate change.  In short, they will return our better angels to our nation’s highest offices.    


If anyone can turn hurt into healing and deep-seated divisions into common ground, repair our standing around the world and rally our nation together in this time of unprecedented crisis, it’s Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  

Joe Biden is a fervent believer in our promise to working-class Americans because he is a product of it.  He knows how to get things done, even in a federal government paralyzed by partisan gridlock.  But mostly he is a person of decency, empathy, and strong-as-oak character.  He possesses the moral and ethical compass necessary to guide our nation through this valley of darkness toward a more hopeful, healthy and unselfish future.


Kamala Harris has spent her life making a difference and now she makes history.  It’s both fitting and phenomenal that the first woman and first person of color to hold an elected office in the White House will be a favorite daughter of California.  Kamala is, after all, a walking, whip-smart embodiment of the California Dream.  She’s tough, she’s passionate, she’s persistent and she’s devoted a lifetime to the highest American ideal of justice for all.  Today, her ceiling-shattering accomplishment will put wings on the aspirations and imaginations of young women and people of color all across this country and around the world.  I have long been proud to call Kamala Harris my good friend.  But I will be even prouder to call her: ‘Madam Vice President.’


Congratulations, President-elect Biden and Vice-President-elect Harris.  California is here for it.  And we are here for you.”


LACDP Chair Mark J Gonzalez releases statement on the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the next President and Vice-President

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CA — Following the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as our nation’s next President and Vice-President, Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Mark J Gonzalez released the following statement:

“Today, we turn a new chapter in our nation. The nightmare that is Donald Trump and his corrupt, anti-American, anti-Democracy administration is almost over. Today, our country battled for the soul of our nation and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be our next president and Vice President. Amidst all refreshing of election results, flipping between channels, and staying up until 2am, the historical nature of this election also cannot be overlooked. America has elected the first Black, first South Asian, and first woman as Vice President. As Californians and Angelenos, we are incredibly proud of our US Senator and now vice-president elect Kamala Harris and look forward to supporting her and the president-elect in leading our nation, rebuilding our democracy, and focusing on our communities.

A record turnout of voters, over 140 million votes, was cast over the course of this election and counted with incredible speed and patience. It is a testament to Registrar Recorders, like Dean Logan, election officials, poll workers, and the thousands of Americans who (at some times) risked their lives to make sure that we continue to count every vote.

Today, we celebrate our win, and tomorrow we get back to serving our neighbors, communities, and businesses as we still navigate through this pandemic.”