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Montebello Unified Seeking Candidates for Personnel Commission



October 22, 2020

The Montebello Unified School District (“MUSD”) is seeking candidates for the Personnel Commission to serve a three year term. In accordance with Education Code Section 45244, to be eligible to be appointed by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction as a member of a personnel commission of a school district, an interested party must be:

  • A registered voter and resident within the territorial jurisdiction of the school
  • A known adherent to the principle of the merit system. No member of the governing board of any school district or a county board of education shall be eligible for appointment, reappointment, or continuance as a member of the commission. During his or her term of service, a member of the commission shall not be an employee of the school
  • Residence is that place in which his or her habitation is fixed, wherein the person has the intention of remaining, and to which, whenever he or she is absent, the person has the intention of returning. At a given time, a person may have only one residence. (Ed. Code, § 45244(b).)
  • “Known adherent to the principle of the merit system,” with respect to a new appointee, means a person who by nature of his or her prior public or private service has given evidence that he or she supports the concept of employment, continuance in employment, in-service promotional opportunities, and other related matters on the basis of merit and fitness. (Ed. Code, § 45244(c).)

Prompt – candidates are to submit a written statement (not to exceed 200 words) regarding their interest in the position and how they will ensure the fair and equitable treatment of classified personnel. Please include your resume with the written statement.

 The MUSD looks forward to receiving written interest from community members who want to be considered for appointment by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to the Personnel Commission.

Please include in your submitted documentation:


Name:                                                                                     Date of Birth:                                            


Address:                                                                                  City:                                                          


Zip Code:                                                                                Telephone:                                                


E-mail:                                                                                    Years living in MUSD boundaries:          


The deadline to express written interest in this position is Thursday, November 5, 2020 by 4:00 p.m.. Please e-mail all required documentation (e.g., document verifying registered voter, resident of school district, and response to prompt above) to: [email protected]