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Biden Up by Fourteen Points in Latest Poll

Trump at the debate making fun of Biden for wearing a mask

Staff Report • October 5, 2020

An after the debate poll by NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows Joe Biden up by fourteen point; the last poll had Biden up by eight points.

Digging deeper will make anyone in the Trump camp cringe.

Older adults +65 before the debate was +4 for Biden, after the debate Biden gained 23 points and is now up 27, Trump won with his older adult vote as did all Republicans. They are the most reliable vote, they show up. It is one of the reasons Trump won in Florida.

Trump supporters, white no college, Trump was up by 23, he is now up by 14, losing 9 points.

In another ominous sign for Trump, over 3 million people have voted early versus 75,000 in the 2016 election at this time.