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L.A. County Cardrooms Set to Open on Monday

the gardens casino

The Gardens Casino in Hawaiian Gardens


BY BRIAN HEWS • October 3, 2020


Under tents with three walls open for circulation, casino cardrooms will reopen outdoors Oct. 5.

Cardroom all over Los Angeles County are working day and night to build tents, move equipment outdoors and make area safe for gaming.

Los Angeles County on Thursday gave the go-ahead for cardrooms to reopen outdoors only and without food and beverage service.

Plexiglass will be between each player the dealer and facemasks must be worn at all times.

City officials are welcoming the move which will bring vital revenue into coffers.

HMG-CN has been told the The Gardens Casino in Hawaiian Gardens will start with 45 tables (licensed for 225) while Commerce will start with 60 (licensed for 275).

For the smaller cardrooms, Hollywood Park, Crystal, Larry Flynt’s Luck Lady and Hustler, it is a welcome decision that will generate thousands of jobs.

It is equally as welcome for the larger cardrooms, Commerce, Bicycle in Bell Gardens, and The Gardens Casino in Hawaiian Gardens.

The move will generate thousands of jobs also at the bigger casinos and will be welcome tax revenue for all cities, but especially welcome in Hawaiian Gardens, a city that receives 70% of its revenue from the Gardens, Bell Gardens, 50%, and Commerce 30%.

According to a study by the California Gaming Association,card rooms statewide generated $1.6 billion in wages and benefits, accounted for over 32,000 jobs and $500 million in state and local taxes, and contributed more than $2 billion in economic benefits.

In Hawaiian Gardens alone, the Gardens Casino contributes over $1 million per month, 74% of the city’s revenue; the city of Bell Gardens generates approximately $13 million from their partnership with the Bicycle Hotel & Casino, which is 44% of the General Fund; Commerce City Manager Edgar Cisneros recently told HMG-LCCN that the Commerce Casino generates over $2 million per month for the city.

The City of Gardena is losing approximately $800,000 in direct revenue from its card room and $10,000 a month in sales tax revenue.  In Inglewood, the city is losing $500,000 a month in revenue generated from Hollywood Park Casino.


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