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Budweiser Unveils Rapper Big Sean Limited Edition 24 Ounce Tall Boy

big sean budweiser cans



big sean budweiser can



On the heels of Big Sean’s fifth album release, the King of Detroit has another announcement worth cheersing to. Budweiser is teaming up with rapper, Big Sean, to release a limited edition Tall Boy 25 oz can. 

 What you need to know about the launch:

  • On September 28, Budweiser will be releasing limited-edition Big Sean Tall Boy 25 oz. cans throughout Michigan
  • The cans pay homage to both his hometown and the place that has inspired two of his albums, Detroit and the newly-released Detroit 2
  • The cans feature notable elements of Big Sean’s music career:
    • The name of his new album ‘Detroit 2’
    • His iconic Detroit hat
    • The creed (replacing the traditional Budweiser creed at the top) “You’re the chosen one, show the world they made the right choice”
    • Rose imagery reflects his artistic style and acts as a recurrent symbol throughout his career
    • The can font is the same as his Detroit 2 album font


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