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Veterans Memorial Upgrade Underway In Bellflower

UPGRADE: Construction at Veterans Memorial Park will include flag poles for the five branches of the military and Prisoners Of War and a Battle Cross sculpture.



Construction began at Library Garden Park last month to augment the Bellflower Veterans Memorial including individual monuments and flag poles for the five branches of the military and Prisoners Of War; a Battle Cross sculpture; reflection area with dedication bricks for loved ones and a Veterans Memorial wall. Additional features will include military insignias, quotes of valor and dedication plaques.  The Memorial will serve as a regional destination for communities and families in the area to reflect and pay tribute to those that have dedicated so much to our country.

Existing engraved bricks and tiles will remain intact and untouched. The Parks & Recreation Department is also taking applications for the Bellflower Honors program, which offers an opportunity to honor past and present military personnel from Bellflower by dedicating a street pole banner.  Anyone who served or is currently serving in the military and who lives or did reside in the city qualifies.

Each banner has duplicate designs on both sides, and measures approximately 30” x 70”. Banners will be displayed along Flower Street, between Woodruff Avenue and Bellflower Boulevard. The cost is $200 per banner, which includes installation. The banner will remain in its placement for one calendar year from the date of installation.

To complete the application visit www.bellflower.org or contact Mike Machado at (562) 804-1424, ext. 2267 or email [email protected]. Be sure to follow the City’s Facebook account @BellflowerCityHall for updates.