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Tulsa Mayor Should Ask Trump Campaign for Advance on Police Expense to Cover Tulsa Rally


There is no doubt that there’s going to be civil unrest when the Trump campaign train hits Tulsa.

Given that it is a campaign rally, Trump should be responsible for all security in and around the arena including paying for Tulsa police officers to keep the peace.

And the president is a well-known deadbeat so Tusla should ask for cash in advance.

Fortune reported in 2015 that Trump’s campaign rallies racked up big bills, and he’s reportedly not paying them.

A new investigation from NBC News and the Center for Public Integrity found the Trump campaign owes city governments across the country upwards of $800,000 for police and public safety costs from his events.

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In 2019 York County businessman Scott Wagner wants to put an end to the controversy over taxpayers getting stuck with the bill for municipal police costs associated with President Donald Trump’s rally at the Giant Center on Tuesday.

So he advised Derry Township officials on Monday he will cover the cost up to a maximum amount of $20,000 for the security tab.

“Please forward an invoice to me via email and I will immediately forward a check to you,” he wrote in an email to township manager Christopher Christman. “I want to express that I will be paying with personal funds and I am in no way using funds from any of my companies. Please pass on to the police department my sincere appreciation for their service and professionalism.”