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City of Lakewood Update on Sunday Looting Incidents

From Lakewood • June 1, 2020
The situation is much calmer this morning in Lakewood, after a Sunday afternoon and evening that saw some looting take place in commercial areas of our city.
Huge thanks go out to sheriff’s deputies for responding quickly to the commercial looting, making numerous arrests, and keeping the damage to Lakewood businesses to a minimum. Lakewood deputies worked long hours into the night, and additional specialized teams were sent from the Sheriff’s Department that aided the city greatly.
Here are additional tools and actions the city used to keep Lakewood as safe as possible yesterday.
  • Lakewood’s civilian Public Safety Department was fully in force and provided valuable support and eyes on the ground.
  • Both the regular and reserve Lakewood Sky Knight helicopters were flown to provide extra eyes in the sky for an extended period of time, and the helicopters were instrumental in making many arrests.
  • Lakewood’s city maintenance staff came out in force to board up stores and set up barricades, including heavy water barricades.
“All these steps,” says City Manager Thaddeus McCormack, “were key to protecting Lakewood businesses from further damage last night.”
Lakewood is staying vigilant and will be prepared for anything that happens today and tonight.
Big thanks also to Lakewood residents for making it through a difficult day and night. And extra big thanks to about 50 Lakewood residents who joined the Greater Lakewood Chamber of Commerce this morning in providing volunteer cleanup to Lakewood businesses that suffered damage from looting or attempted looting.
The City of Lakewood will continue to provide updates on the public safety situation in our city as the situation evolves.