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BREAKING: Despite Being Listed on Assembly Agenda, L.A. County Supervisors Did Not Vote to Support Garcia’s SB 625

BY BRIAN HEWS • June 1, 2020


Hews Media Group has confirmed that Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, who are listed as supporting Christina Garcia’s SB 625 on today’s Assembly Committee agenda, have not heard the issue, and have not voted to support.

“After you told us we were on the record supporting this bill I checked,” 4thDistrict Supervisor Janice Hahn told HMG, “we did not have a meeting where we voted on [SB 625] that.”

HMG was told that Downey, who is also on the record supporting the bill, did not vote to put their name on the bill, but HMG could not confirm at the time of publication.

The controversial bill, which Garcia is ramming through the two chambers due to an upcoming lawsuit, would place Central Basin Municipal Water in receivership, despite the fact the Commerce-based agency has $8 million in reserves, is current with all bills, and owns an $8 million building free and clear.

Yesterday HMG published the outcome of an investigation that revealed a complex web of relationships and monetary donations related to elected officials favoring CB’s take over.

The campaign finance documents were from FollowtheMoney.org and the California Secretary of State’s website Cal-Access.

The investigation found that Garcia took thousands from water purveyors inside Central Basin Municipal Water’s boundaries, the same purveyors causing problems inside the agency itself.

In addition, the documents showed several possible campaign finance violations.

The same water purveyors inside CB boundaries that gave money to Garcia donated thousands to several political action committees (PAC’s), with the PAC’s turning around and giving money to Garcia.

Finally, the investigation found a massive web of donations – from the same purveyors and PAC’s that gave to Garcia – paid to elected officials who have their name on SB 625.

Influential names such as Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, Ian Calderon, and Steven Bradford, who co-authored and is carrying the bill.

Many say the reason Garcia is ramming the bill is due to a  superior court case – where several Central Basin cities, including Downey and Lakewood, and purveyors are a party in suing Central Basin – will be heard July 23.

It is the question of whether the current seven seats on CB’s board constitutes a majority. HMG talked to two attorneys who indicated Central Basin’s case is strong.

Sources have told HMG that Garcia does not want the majority on CB’s Board to be elected representatives, but rather she wants her appointees, who represent the privatization of water, as the majority, which would mean more donations to her campaigns in the future.

Editor’s note: After publication HMG learned a letter was sent to the Assembly Committee signed by Legislative Advocate Faith Connelly, Supervisor Hahn was unaware of the letter. Ms. Connelly did not return phone calls.