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Cerritos City Hall to reopen June 1 by appointment only

Cerritos City Hall will reopen to the public on Monday, June 1 by appointment only.  All Los Angeles County Department of Public Health safety protocols will be followed and enforced including physical distancingand wearing cloth face coverings.

To ensure the safety of patrons and staff, the following safety measures will be implemented.

The City has:

  • • Required that everyone wear a cloth face covering before entering City Hall. 
  • • Required employees to enter City Hall via a designated employee-only entrance to avoid unnecessary contact with the general public.
  • • Posted signs at the main entrance of City Hall stating that anyone with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19 should not enter the building.
  • • Designed a queuing system with clearly designed floor decals to ensure individuals maintain at least six feet of separation. Congregating in waiting areas is not permitted.
  • • Provided hand sanitizing stations and visible signage reminding individuals to maintain physical distancing.
  • • Implemented controlled public access to all public service counters to ensure at least six feet of separation between individuals. 
  • • Installed temporary physical partitions at all public service counters. 
  • • Implemented a telephone appointment system for scheduling meetings with staff at City Hall.
  • • Implemented contactless payment options via credit card for services and fees.
  • • Implemented online public service delivery options for the processing of applications and issuing permits.
  • • Provided a cloth face covering for each staff member. Disposable gloves will also be available for staff.
  • • Required every employee to wear a cloth face covering before entering City Hall. The covering must be worn when providing assistance to the general public and while in common areas within City facilities, including restrooms, hallways, public areas, and when more than one person is in an office or meeting space. 
  • • Scheduled custodial staff to conduct cleaning and disinfection of all common areas, restrooms, counters, door handles and other high touch points on regular intervals during business hours. Custodial staff will also complete an additional round of disinfection at the end of each work day.
  • • Recommended that all employees regularly disinfect (at least once prior to the start of their shift) their personal work areas including keyboards, computer mouse, telephones and desktops with the City-provided disinfectant.
  • • Provided hand sanitizer in all public and work areas for use by the general public and employees. 
  • • Implemented physical distancing at all employee workstations. 
  • • Encouraged phone and online meetings to maintain physical distancing.
  • • Prohibited sharing of personal equipment, including desks, chairs, telephones, pens, computer keyboards, the computer mouse and other office equipment.
  • • Implemented alternative service delivery methods such as online service-request forms and applications and payment methods. 

To contact the City with questions or to make an appointment, please refer to the list below: 

  • • Building & Safety, (562) 916-1209
  • • Business License, (562) 916-1236
  • • Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, (562) 916-8510
  • • City Clerk/Treasurer’s Office, (562) 916-1248
  • • Code Enforcement, (562) 916-1203
  • • Community Development/Planning, (562) 916-1201
  • • Community Safety, (562) 916-1266
  • • Senior Housing/Transportation, (562) 916-1201
  • • Library Services, (562) 916-1340
  • • Public Works/Water & Power, (562) 916-1220
  • • Recreation Services, (562) 916-1254
  • • Senior Center, (562) 916-8550
  • • Sheriff’s Station, (562) 860-0044
  • • Water Billing Division, (562) 916-1235