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WRD Adopts Diversity in Business Program to Assist Small Businesses



Lakewood, CA (May 20, 2020) – The Water Replenishment District’s (WRD) Board of Directors have adopted a resolution to increase the amount of local and small businesses that compete for contracts with the district.

The resolution encourages and solicits participation for Construction, Professional Services, and Material, Supplies, or Equipment Contracts by Small Business Enterprises, Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises, and Local Business Enterprises.

As the largest groundwater management agency in the state of California, WRD offers businesses opportunities that range from professional engineering services to water treatment equipment contracts. The Board of Directors’ goal is to maximize competition for contracts and to ensure access to contracting opportunities for businesses that reflect the diversity of the District’s service area.

Now, more than ever, local and small businesses need support to thrive. This action by the WRD Board of Directors will ensure that these deserving businesses have an opportunity to compete for contracts administered by the district.

“Small and local businesses are the backbone of our regional economy,” said Vera Robles DeWitt, WRD Board President; “WRD has served this community for over 60 years and has a vested interest in making sure Local and Small Businesses thrive.”