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Santa Fe Springs Based Philbro-Tech Donates $5,000 to Help Families Impacted by COVID-19


STAFF REPORT • May 20, 2020


SANTA FE SPRINGS, California – (May 8, 2020)Recognizing the immediate and growing needs families are facing in dealing with economic hardships and maintaining basic household necessities due to COVID-19, Santa Fe Springs-based Phibro-Techhas donated $5,000 to The Interfaith Food Center (IFC) located at 11819 Burke Street in Santa Fe Springs.

After conducting a survey of needs in the local area and consulting with area leadership, Phibro-Tech concluded IFC’s work was filling a critical need during this rough period caused by the virus.

“As an embedded community partner, we want to do our part to help ease some of the challenges many are facing caused by the crisis,” said Phibro-Tech plant manager, David Clark. “We have seen that food, shelter and healthcare are the top issues affecting many in the community and believe in the work Interfaith Food Center does to address some of these issues.”

Interfaith Food Center is one of the largest food pantries in California, serving between 900 -1,200 households on a weekly basis from a 6,800 square foot warehouse/distribution facility equipped with commercial refrigerators, freezers and walk-in cooler to properly maintain food donations.

“Growing demand for services means a greater need for contributions,” said IFC’s executive director, Verónica G. Castro. “We are grateful for the donation from Phibro-Tech and look forward to a long-lasting relationship to help support the community in times of need.”

IFC was founded in 1983 when several local churches and synagogues recognized a developing need as the number of malnourished senior citizens in the Whittier and La Mirada area continued to grow. This was primarily due to the impact of rising inflation while living on fixed incomes and limited Social Security dollars. This group of compassionate individuals organized and started Interfaith Food Center as a community-based food distribution center, serving some 30 low-income local families.

Phibro-Tech, Inc. is a recycler that manufacturers copper and iron-based products and recycles permitted waste primarily from the electronics industry. The company helps Californians stay safe, healthy and sustainable. Since 1984, Phibro-Tech has served the electronic, semiconductor and water treatment industries by taking in their used materials, recycling them, and using those materials to manufacture new products.