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Central Basin Finance Director Andrew Hamilton Has FTB Suspended Corporation

The address for the corporation is the same contact address listed on the State Board Accountancy website that has Hamilton’s CPA license information.


Back in 2017, when Kevin Hunt was the GM of Central Basin Water, he hired Andrew Hamilton as his Finance Director,  even though Hunt knew Hamilton had been recalled from the Lake Forest City Council.

Various reports from the VoiceofOC  website indicated a slew of allegations against Hamilton “made the rounds in the city,” from quid pro quo voting for political endorsements to Hamilton not showing up to meetings and city events.

Residents took issue with Hamilton’s vote for a contract with OC Animal Care and their belief that Hamilton would be the deciding vote to rezone the Nakase nursery land on Bake Parkway as residential, according to reporting by the Orange County Register.

Directors Leticia Vasquez, Art Chacon, and Phil Hawkins constantly complained about Hamilton’s insubordination while Hunt covered for him.

And there may be a reason why that was the case.

While checking on the connection, Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community News discovered that Hamilton listed a contact address on California’s Accountancy Board website for his CPA license as 25422 Trabuco Rd Ste. 105202, Lake Forest, Ca.,  which is a UPS store located at Suite 105, with Hamilton having a P.O. Box of 202, hence the address of 105202.

A call into the store by HMG-LCCN asking for mail in P.O. Box 202 revealed a mail piece addressed to Irene Willard.

Additional research by HMG-LCCN on the state’s corporate search website found that during the time Hunt was looking to hire him, Hamilton established a California Corporation called Hamilton Worldwide in September 2017, with a corporation number of C4066017.

The address was 25422 Trabuco Rd Ste. 105202, Lake Forest, Ca.

Was Hunt, who was caught by HMG-LCCN signing contracts and making money with other cities through his own company Hunt-Thorton, trying to establish another revenue stream?

Central Basin Water GM Kevin Hunt Violated Employment Contract With Agency


Hunt’s former territory as a GM was Orange County where Lake Forest is located, and he had many contacts from his former job at the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC).


What is a major concern, and a concern that could affect Hamilton’s CPA license renewal in July of this year, is the research by HMG-LCCN found that Hamilton’s corporation was suspended by California’s Franchise Tax Board.

A “FTB Suspended” means just that, the business entity has been suspended by the California Secretary of State.

The reasons for this suspension can vary and might be something the Accountancy Board investigates, but they can include a failure to file tax returns and/or pay taxes, penalties and interest.

Most importantly, a “suspended” business entity loses many of its powers, rights and privileges within the State of California. If any contracts were signed by Hamilton Worldwide during the suspension, the contracts will be null and void.

HMG-LCCN currently has several public records request out to in several public agencies related to Hamilton Worldwide.