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VIRUS? ICE Continues to Raid Homes in East Los Angeles


More than 45 organizations signed letters asking ICE to suspend its operations during the coronavirus pandemic, but Los Angeles ICE Director Dave Marin would have none of that.

Spouting the Trump doctrine, Marin told the LA Times, “we’re out here trying to protect the public by getting these criminal aliens off the street and out of our communities, asking us to stop doing that basically gives those criminals another opportunity to maybe commit more crimes, to create more victims.”

ICE agents with protective gear fanned out in East LA Monday arresting immigrants while encountering children who are home from school.

The ICE agents sat outside a man’s house waiting to arrest him, he had been convicted of a DUI in 2015, committing bodily injury.

As he entered his car the ICE agents approached, asked if he was on any medications, and then arrested him.

The man was quoted as saying he has not driven drunk since 2015 and had to visit a grocery store because he was worried about the lack of food in his house.

“I am the head of household, if they have me here locked up they have no rent and food,” the man told the LA Times.

Inside the downtown building where Marin works officials pleaded with him to stop the raids which could lead to some agents getting the coronavirus.

He callously told the Times, “our job is not a job you can telework.”