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Important Message Sent on Behalf of AHUSD Superintendent Michael Matsuda


Mr. Rogers, the late children’s show host, once on an episode about fear, said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

I am so thankful that in these anxious and unprecedented times, the AUHSD has so many helpers, from teachers, to custodians, to secretaries, to administrators, to counselors, to social workers, and all classified staff, we have people who care. 

And our AUHSD community cares, from parents, to students, to neighbors, and to the elderly. We all care about each other, our community, and most importantly, about the future of our country. 

And this is why we made the decision to close our schools.

To that end, to prepare for an extended duration, we have asked our teachers to create lesson plans and on-line learning opportunities for our students. We have asked our custodians and classified staff to thoroughly clean and disinfect classrooms and buildings. We have asked our IT team to assess our students’ internet access at home so we can support their needs through purchasing “hot spots” or loaning out chromebooks. 

Most importantly, we have asked our Food Services to create food stations throughout the district to ensure our most needy students have access to meals every school day.

And we ask you, your children, and your loved ones to help “flatten the curve” and be mindful of social distancing and good hygiene.

With this rapidly evolving crisis, we know that there will be things we can not control or have not anticipated. But be assured that we have highly competent and resourceful teams at every level and at every site. We are in daily communication with federal, state, county, and local health and emergency officials to ensure the safety of our students, employees, and stakeholders.

Although these are scary times, I am comforted by Maya Angelou’s words, “Every storm runs out of rain.” This too, shall pass.

And finally, be reminded that kindness, respect, hope, integrity, friendship, laughter, teamwork, and courage are also contagious.

As we are about to embark into unchartered waters, let us embrace love and compassion, let us embrace mindfulness and self-care, and let us embrace our common humanity in navigating our journey together.

Thank you.

Michael B. Matsuda