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After Only a Few Months, Cerritos Chamber Director Bails Out

From News Services

After only a few months at the helm of the Cerritos Regional Chamber of Commerce, Executive Directors Scott Radcliffe is leaving for greener pastures specifically “added securites.”

After pushing HMG-LCCN extremely hard to publish an article about him and how energetic and competent he was, he leaves his post.

Always nice to have a guy who immediately starts looking for another job right after you hire him.

Here is his condescending and patronizing letter to chamber members:

Yes, farewell as in so long. This will be my last writing for the Cerritos Regional Chamber of Commerce. I have accepted an offer at a large nationwide business which will mean some added securities for my family.
To be sure, this was not an easy decision. I met so very many wonderful people during my time in Cerritos. This Chamber has some really great members and volunteers, a fantastic group of Ambassadors, a really awesome Board of Directors, and a tremendous bond with the City and Community.
The etymology of the word farewell is a very literal Middle English of expressly bidding someone to fare well. If you are reading this, I do hope that you fare well.”

The etymology of job hopper is someone who works briefly in one position after another rather than staying at any one job or organization long-term.

Happy job hop Scott.